Custom Shops and Luthiers Worth Your Attention – Part I


There are many great custom guitar shops and luthiers throughout the world that build great sounding and looking instruments. It’s absolutely amazing what happens in guitar-building underground and the layer that’s being held by major companies and corporations. We can absolutely agree that all of them enjoy building guitars, but what makes difference with these small custom shops is their passion and commitment to building something personal.

I have started this series of posts, and would love to present you some of my favourite luthiers and custom shops. I have to mention that I do not own a guitar from every of these builders, but they are on my list of possible makers when I plan to get my next guitar.

Without further ado, let’s get this thing rolling.

Wreck Guitars

Danijel Kopjar with his small shop Wreck Guitars based in Croatia is personally one of my most favourite guitar builders. His work on the BlueMorpho line is splendid. Wreck’s craftsmanship accompanied with both warm and crisp sound make the shop definitely one of the must-consider guitar builders. You can check my review of BlueMorpho 6 here. Andreas Sala has reviewed the 7-string model of the BlueMorpho line, so make sure to check it out here too.


BlueMorpho 7 by Wreck Guitars

Avernus Guitars

Avernus is relatively new name in the world of custom shops, but the company based in Poland, country that gave birth to many awesome guitar builders over the course of time, certainly doesn’t lack on quality and delivery. They are currently offering three different models based on the body shape (singlecut, doublecut, and exploder), and offer building 6, 7, 8, and even 9-string models. There are plenty of different options when it comes to customisation in the pickups, hardware, finish, inlays and woods departments.


Overload Guitars

Overload from Italy gives quite a large spectre of choices when it comes to building. Their four models (Rea, Raijin, Themis and Volcano) come with plenty of space for customisation in absolutely every segment. Our own Babak Ahoorazaad has already reviewed his custom Overload Raijin 8 multiscale. Accompanied with top-notch craftsmanship and execution, Overload is easy one of the most forward-thinking custom shops. Although Rea, Raijin and Volcano look amazing on their own, the headless model Themis will leave you breathless. When you say “headless,” the first thing that will pop onto your mind are probably Strandberg (sorry I’m still learning where “.” and “*” are placed :P ) and Kiesel Vader series, but Overload Guitars do amazing job by developing their own model that is just astonishing, both in sound and design. Check it for yourself.

Overload Themis 8

Red Layer Guitars

I was recently introduced to this Dutch custom shop, and I saw the 7-string model called Juggernaut 7 they are about to complete. The specs and the build intrigued me, as the stock model for the mentioned 7-string comes with, for me and I believe many other guitarists, interesting features: black limba body, figured walnut top, solomon padouk/wenge neck, ziricote fretboard, Lindgren M7 set of pickups,¬†Schaller Hannes 7 bridge, and Hipshot griplock tuners. Red Layer Guitars take care of absolutely every detail during the build process, what is especially shown with their work on frets’ ends.

Red Layer Guitars Juggernaut 7

Red Layer Guitars Juggernaut 7

OD Guitars

OD Guitars from Israel is a brainchild of Omer Deutsch who really specialised his craftsmanship and building guitars with perfect playability and design that is ergonomic, what’s pretty important for a guitarist, especially one that does lots of gigging. Omer’s detailed work, especially when it comes to body and headstock carving is exceptional. Same goes for the body tops and finishes, where Omer showcase his talent for the art. There are quite a few options when it comes to customisation that will provide a tight tone.

Rhea by OD Guitars

Rhea by OD Guitars

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