Does BOSS NS-2 Really Suck Your Tone?


The Boss NS-2 noise suppressor pedal really gets a bad rap from a lot of guitarists. Many say that it chops off your top end and makes your tone sterile. So I decided to put all of these up to the test.

With the Boss NS-2 hooked up in the X-Connection method (explained in the video below) along with my MXR CAE Overdrive, I demonstrated the pedal in 3 fashions.:

  1. With the pedal in the chain but disengaged;
  2. With the pedal engaged;
  3. With the pedal completely out of the signal chain.

The stand out feature for this pedal for me is the fact that you can gate the front of your amp as well as the FX loop to cut out any preamp hum that high gain amplifiers generate. This eliminates the need to buy two gates, which is what a lot of guitarists are doing.

To my ears the pedal did the job and got rid of all of the excess hum. And in the full mix, the differences were very hard to spot.

With a street price of roughly $99 who can complain. All you have to do is make sure that you have hooked this pedal up correctly and you will be good to go.
As most of us guitarists know a lot of times it is not what gear you use, but it’s rather how you use it.

For more, check the video below.