Rig Rundown: REZA AKBAR FELAYATI (Beyond Infinity & Morganostic)

Reza Akbar Felayati

My name is Reza Akbar Felayati, and I’m currently 21 years old.  I am a guitarist from Surabaya, Indonesia and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 15 years old, so it’s around 6 years. I play guitar and write all of the instruments on my one-man band project Beyond Infinity and also play guitar for a metalcore / djent band Morganostic.

Outside of music life, I am a student in a local university in my hometown, majoring in International Relations, and also I enjoy travelling a lot. So far, I’ve made two EPs and one guitar playthrough with Beyond Infinity and currently recording with Morganostic for its debut album.


Being involved in this music recording realm really opened my eyes about the importance of gear to achieve a particular tone for particular song. That is one of the reasons that I am currently a little bit gear-obsessed. While talking about gear, it would be better if I break down some of my guitars that I currently used.


Just like lots of other guitarists out there, the dream of having hundreds of guitars is always been one of mine too. However, due to the fact that my dream guitar cost an arm and a leg, I’m starting to be more realistic and only use guitars that I really need for recording and performing live.

6 Strings

My go-to and main workhorse 6-string is a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Special. I initially bought it for playing live with Morganostic (my Ibanez RG350MZYE can’t do the justice), but it stays until now because it actually plays really well. I have the string-thru version of this guitar and it stays in tune, even after harsh recording sessions. I tune this guitar in Drop C. This guitar has EMG 81-85 as the pickup set and I believe it is the right choice for Morganostic’s music. It’s a great, solid guitar for an incredible price. This guitar is currently being used as the main guitar for recording Morganostic upcoming debut album.

C-1 Hellraiser Special

Travel Guitar

Due to my travelling as a hobby, one of my special arsenals is a travel guitar (obviously haha). For travel guitar, I choose a Stranough The Tripper travel guitar. Stranough is a local guitar luthier company that actually has go – international for some time (they attend NAMM in 2011). One of their specialty is The Tripper, which a travel guitar that has a unique design and compact sized. It is designed in a headless style (the tuning pegs are located in the body), and it has 24” scale. Mine has ash body with maple neck, and loaded with a single humbucker. One of the unique features on this guitar is the headphone input which is located just above the jack input. It enables me to play guitar with headphone as the speaker, so I won’t disturb other people when I practice in public places. Moreover, the size of this guitar made it possible to be put on the plane’s cabin so I don’t need to worry about the safety.

Stranough The Tripper

7 Strings

I’ve been playing 7 string for about 1 – 1.5 years, and currently my main axe for recording and live performance is a Sterling by Musicman JP70. I bought it pretty recently and it’s completely stock. I bought this beauty during my trip in New York, and this thing blows my other 7 string out of the water. This guitar has a basswood body and a satin black finish. It also has a locking tuner and a floating tremolo, whcih enables me to do some of the whammy tricks. What I love about this guitar is the neck; it’s smooth and thin, but not as thin as Ibanez neck. The pickup on this guitar is still stock and I’ve been thinking of change it in the future. Other than that, I’m absolutely in love with this guitar!

Sterling by Music Man

Amps and Recording

When it comes to amps, I don’t really have much experience in experimenting and using various amps throughout my career.  I once used a Bugera 6260 for my main amp, but carrying head amp really needs tons of efforts. It is absolutely tiring to carry around and it needs to be carried by me and bunch of roadies. For my practice amp, I use Line 6 Spider III 30 watts; and while I know that many people dissed that amp, but I enjoyed practicing through that amp. However, for about a year ago, I started to get into the recording stuff and I stumbled upon various amp simulator software. For recording and pre-pro, I used various amp modelers such as Poulin Amps and later Line 6 Pod Farm Platinum Edition in combination with Cockos Reaper as the main DAW. In addition, I use M-Audio Mobile Pre USB and Alesis Elevate 3 for interface and monitor speaker, respectively. Recently, I bought a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, and I was lucky to get it pretty cheap due to buying it from one of my best friends. This piece of gear really does the justice, both for live and recording matters. Needless to say, buying it was the right decision for me and probably for thousands of other guitarists that also have one.

Home studio 1

Home studio 2