5 Effective Methods to Get Most from Your Band Rehearsal

5 Effective Methods to Get the Most from Your Band Rehearsal

Musicians are busy people, simple as that. But not only are we busy people; we are passionate, creative, and fun people also. So when you gather a group of musicians together for your weekly rehearsal, what do you think the outcome will be besides a fun and creative time? A jam session? Party time? The answer: None of the above. Business. Business is your answer. I bet you weren’t thinking of that, were you?

Here are five effective methods and ways to conduct your bands rehearsal time to get the most out of it.

1. Be Prompt

Nobody likes being late to the party. In fact, nobody likes the person that is late to the party, so don’t be that person! You are on a time schedule, and sometimes even paying per hour!

2. Stick to an Agenda

Cut the partying and focus on business first. Create an agenda for each rehearsal to help stay focused. I know more than well how easy it is to get distracted when at rehearsal around your buddies, but I will say this – sticking to an agenda is one of the best remedies for this. Use technology to your advantage and use your smartphone to create a group chat with the band via text message, FB messenger, an email group, or any other way to keep everyone updated on the latest band news and discussions. If your primary goal is to tighten up your set before the weekends gig, then communicate that with everyone in advance so everyone is on the same page and can focus on the goal.

3. Know Your Role

You are not Motley Crue. Nor are you Between the Buried and Me or Rush. So there is no need to have a dictator making every call that involves the band. You are one entity; a group of musicians “banding” together to create something new and exciting (at least, I’d hope so…). Make decisions together. Of course, if you have that one person always taking ownership and going the extra mile, let them continue do so, as long as it is still a group effort in the end.

4. Sound Check

Being able to hear yourself is key, but sure we all know that person who wants to be the star of the show (or rehearsal space in this case) and crank their amp up to 11. Now how do you expect to hear the rest of the band? What about the drummers cue to change tempo or lead into an interlude? How will you hear if the harmonies are correct? Make sure all of your levels are audible to the right volume needed in order to hear one another. Perhaps come up with a 15-30 second tune your band can use for a sound check rather random off key notes and drum hits. You would do a sound check at a show, so why not at rehearsal?

5. Practice FOR Rehearsal

Know your parts, and know them well. Yes, it is called practice for a reason, but your band rehearsal is not a time for you to relearn your parts from last week. So take notes while there; write down the key signatures, score or tab out the music, or perhaps even record your rehearsals for reference. Remember, your band is only as good as its weakest link…

I know from personal experience that rehearsal is not always a fun and exciting time. It shows your weak points as a musician and as a band, which can be highly frustrating. Following these five methods to get the most out of your band rehearsal will help guide your band in the right direction for effortless rehearsals.