Guitar Sphere Vol. 1 Compilation Now Available

Guitar Sphere's Sampler
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Guitar Sphere is proud to bring you the first digital compilation comprised of bands and solo artists from all around the world. The first sampler features 35 artists in total and is available for download via Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION.

Besides, on the next couple of pages you can read more information about each of the tracks off the sampler, so if you are a gear nerd like we are, make sure to check it out.

01. We Be Subarashii – Through The Sphere

This song is called “Through the Sphere” and I wrote it specifically for this album. With my solo project, We Be Subarashii, my main goal has always been to write soundtracks, whether it’s for video games, movies or cartoons. So I wanted to do exactly that for this song, taking inspiration in the name “Guitar Sphere.”

It was entirely recorded in my home studio in Illinois. All guitars were tracked using my custom Etherial 7-string guitar, loaded with Bare Knuckle Black Hawk ceramic pickups, Evertune bridge, (among other cool features) and it was tuned to Drop Ab. Bass was recorded with a completely stock Ibanez GSR206SM 6-string bass. All of this was going through my Kemper Profiling Amp that goes into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. In front of the Kemper I used my custom Overdrive Area S’Minty One pedal made by Reaper Pedals. For drums, they were all programmed using Toontrack‘s Superior Drummer 2.0 with a custom preset I created in Metal Machinery SDX. All electronics were tracked using a few plug-ins, like Kontakt 5 with some add-ons, Z3TA+2, and Omnisphere. The DAW that was used for this was Reaper, which has been my main DAW for quite a few years now. – Jay Marrero

02. Alex Coombes – Hitori

For the recording of the track “Hitori” I used my Harris Custom Guitars Abraxis 7 for all of the rhythm parts and clean guitars in the intro. I used my Tom Anderson drop top classic for all the remaining lead, clean and solo parts. The whole EP was recorded with an Axe-Fx 2 direct into Pro Tools, all the effects and tones come from the unit except the guitar solo in this song (“Hitori”) which I used a Bogner Goldfinger as I managed to get the amp towards the end of the recording session. I ran this amp in to a Two Notes Torpedo Studio to record it, I used a T. Rex replay box for the solo delay.

03. Absently – Dayzed

This song is called “Dayzed” off my most recent album Open Mind. This song was tracked in its entirety in my home studio in Nashville. I use an Ibanez RGA7 (tuned to drop A) with the stock pickups swapped out for a set of Bareknuckle Juggernauts. My rig is simply the Axe-FX II running into a Presonus FireStudio interface and into my DAW, which is Presonus Studio One. I use the Axe-FX reverbs and delays and the modeled T808 drive pedal and they which all sound very rich and realistic to me. The amp used is the Friedman HBE with ML Sound Lab IRs for the cabinet. I tend to layer the guitars quite a bit to get a rich & unique texture, and “Dayzed” has no shortage of that. – Adam Bentley

04. Husa Toledo – One Hundred Million Hits of Fury

This song is called “One Hundred Million Hits of Fury” and it’s a part of my debut EP called Drainage Island. This track was entirely recorded in my home studio and mixed and mastered by my friend Rodrigo Mello, at his home. The equipment used to record this track was an Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 guitar, M-Audio M-Track, and an HP Pavillon notebook. All the tones are provided from Amplitube 4, and I programmed drum tracks in EZDrummer 2. Also, I used some synths, like Batery 4, Kontakt 5 and Absynth 5. The tuning is Drop C. I hope you like it! – Husa Toledo

05. Atmospheres – Into Orbit

“Into Orbit” is one of our favorite tracks, featured on our latest album The Departure. This song is one that resembles Atmospheres in every way. Heavy, melancholic, atmospheric, … For tracking guitars, I used an Ibanez RGA8, loaded with DiMarzio Ionizers. They have the perfect balance we wanted for this album, in the highs and lows. As far as amps go, we use a Line6 POD HD Pro. Live and in the studio. For cleans, I love to add in the Strymon BigSky reverb. Sometimes I like layering multiple delays and reverbs to get a nice wash underneath the music to add ambience. I set my tone listening through a pair of studio monitors, so I don’t have to EQ or compress too much in the mixing stage. For rhythms, I like to keep it simple: just 2 guitars panned left and right. I believe in a good performance and not fancy mixing tricks! – Stef Exelmans

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