Review: Washburn Parallaxe PX-SOLAR170C


I fell in love, friends…Yes, it was love at first sight with this Washburn PX-SOLAR170C 7-string guitar.

This elegant metal machine is the signature line of Swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, ex-Six Feet Under). Ola himself designed this stealth-looking axe.

Furthermore, the guitar was built under his requests and specifications, and talking with Ola he told me: “I’ve been part of the development, I worked really close with the guys from Washburn.” And I can only say that the result is simply awesome!


It feels absolutely fantastic in your hands, the build quality is perfect, the alder body has a double cutaway design and the cutaways have been sculpted out for even better access and comfort. Trust me, it offers some of the best upper fret access I have ever come across. The body is finished in matte Carbon Black: silky, sexy and elegant.

The PX-SOLAR170C has a maple thru neck with a 24 frets ebony smooth fretboard, it has large frets and Ola Englund‘s custom 12th fret inlay. With jumbo frets and super thin neck, you can shred at the speed of light.

Light weight, super comfortable and effortless to play. Fixed bridge, Buzz Feiten System, graphite nut and quality Grover tuners offering fantastic tuning stability and intonation.


This PX-SOLAR170C is a very versatile guitar, despite the aggressive look. The Duncan designed humbuckers are high output but also very dynamic. They are a variation of the Custom 5 alnico. Play it on the neck pickup position on a clean amp, and you will get a fairly convincing Jazz/Blues tone, switch it to the bridge pick up and use your high gain amp, to get a brutal sound. Passive pickups are controlled through master volume, master tone and a five-position blade switch. The five way switch can guarantee many tonal options with this guitar.


Very good value for the price! From standard to drop tunings, this 7-string axe is ready to shred. I would recommend this to anyone who plays metal, djent, etc. For this price you can’t get much better. Well done Ola!