Review: Suhr Pro Series Modern M1

Suhr Pro Series Modern M1 review

Suhr is one of the guitar makers that took the market by storm by first building only custom guitars.  They quickly garnered support from some of the world’s best player in the likes of Reb Beach, Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Mike Landau, Pete Thorn, Ian Thornley and Andy Wood. Since then their offerings have evolved and grown, just like their reputation for building exquisitely crafted guitars. Here is my review of the Pro Series Modern M1.


  • Manufacturer Suhr
  • Model Pro Series Modern M1
  • Weight 7.6 lbs.
  • Body Alder
  • Neck Maple, Elliptical, .780″ to .830″, 10-14″
  • Fingerboard Pau Ferro w/Jumbo Stainless Steel frets
  • Bridge Gotoh Floyd locking trem-Recessed
  • Scale Length 25 1/2″
  • Width at Nut 1.65″
  • Pickups JST SSV humbucker neck, JST SSH+ Humbucker bridge
  • Switching 5 Way
  • Controls 1 Volume, 1 Tone
  • Hardware Sperzel locking tuners

First Impressions:

To say that the guitar is an absolute pleasure to play, would be a gross understatement. There is no doubt that this is easily one of the finest instruments I’ve ever played. The action on the guitar is addictive, for lack of a better word. It allows for fantastic bends and fast runs without any issues. It’s one of the few guitars I haven’t had to tweak at all setup wise, from the first day I’ve owned it. The Gotoh bridge is extremely well set up to handle whammy dives and the tuning does not falter at any point.

The look of the guitar is that of a standard superstrat with its iconic headstock. The guitar balances extremely well and is a comfortable wear in a studio or live at a gig.

The guitar has a very simple setup with two pickups, a 5-way selector switch and a tone control.


Sonically, the guitar is a beast. The JST pickups evoke clear and warm tones on both the clean and the dirty channel. The humbuckers provide a rich sound while the split selections provide a dependable single coil output. This is a very versatile guitar. It is at home in a variety of environments from Blues to Funk to Metal and Jazz. The volume knob is extremely responsive and allows you to change the tone significantly. The notes are clean and clear, even with significant gain.


This guitar is very much the kind that one should save up for. It is certainly an investment but one that keeps on giving. I’ve had the luxury of trying out hundreds of guitars and this one is easily one of the very best guitars I have ever had the chance to test out thoroughly.

The build quality is second to none. I’ve gigged this guitar multiple times over the years and it has held up exceptionally well. If you’re an active session musician or a studio looking to add some variety to your gear, I would highly advise checking out this instrument.

I really tried to find some quibbles or things I’d love to see improved, but this is just an all-around outstanding guitar.

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