Guitarists Who Turned Down JOE SATRIANI for G3

Guitarists Who Turned Down JOE SATRIANI for G3

During a recent Facebook live stream, Joe Satriani was asked “has anyone ever turned you down,” to which he replied:

In G3, we were talking about Carlos Santana, I’ve asked Jeff Beck many times and never got a yes.

For many years, I was asking Eddie Van Halen… but that never went anywhere!

Maybe one day Eddie, Carlos, Jimmy Page… they’ll all come out!

Focusing on the producer who never said yes, Joe added:

I tried to get Brian Eno excited about producing a record for me, and he turned me down twice, so there you go: I guess that’ll never happen. [Laughs]

Joe is set to release his new album What Happens Next on January 12 featuring Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith. You can check out the lead single and opening track “Energy” in the embedded player below.