MICHAEL AMOTT About JEFF LOOMIS: “He Plays Amazing Stuff Almost Without Effort”

Michael Amott & Jeff Loomis

Arch Enemy guitar mastermind Michael Amott said for Guitar World he was afraid Jeff Loomis wouldn’t accept the offer to join the band in 2014, saying:

I always tell Jeff he’s overqualified for the gig. [Laughs]

But having a high-profile guitar player join was really great for us.

He plays amazing stuff almost without effort, and I’m still sitting here struggling to figure out how to hold a guitar pick.

Amott added:

I feel lucky just to have Jeff playing solos on the record. I know he is such a high-profile guitar player and his role in Arch Enemy is not what people might expect.

I’ve always written most of the music in this band and that’s what I do. Right now, he is more about playing guitar solos and he seems to really get that.

Loomis chimed in:

Being a big fan of Arch Enemy and knowing most of their catalog already, and all their songs, I was really blown away when Michael asked me to be in the band again.

It was definitely a no-brainer. I said yes immediately because I loved their music and they seemed to be getting bigger. I was like, ‘Yeah, man. Let’s do it!

Everything happened so fast, it was crazy. By the time I felt somewhat confident with the material, I was already on a plane to France.

Vocalist Alissa White-Gluz said:

Once Jeff came into the band you could definitely feel a shift from gray clouds to blue sky. He’s so chill and polite and he’s such a nice dude. And he’s so humble, even though he’s crazy-talented.

Jeff then once again mentioned having to adapt to the band’s “six-strings only” policy, saying:

The only thing that was a little weird was that when I played six-string guitar in the past I was used to A440 tuning, and the tuning for Arch Enemy goes down to C standard, which is two whole steps down.