Album Review: Devildom – Curse of Flesh


Every once in a while you’ll come across an album that puts you in a trance. An album that is so mindblowing that you’ll wonder why you didn’t hear of it sooner. One of those albums for me is Devildom‘s debut full length album Curse of Flesh.

As suggested by the album art, this album is a cold, wintry type of black metal. The production on Curse of Flesh is absolutely perfect for the atmosphere that was trying to be reached here. Fuzzy yet catchy riffs and tremolo picked guitars really give off the cold and desolate feeling that the album was going for. Take the ambient pieces of a band like Darkspace and the bleak freezing feeling of a band like Paysage d’Hiver and you have the basic sound of Curse of Flesh. Not saying that Devildom is a copy cat of either band because that would be an insult. While this isn’t the most original brand of black metal, Devildom certainly puts its own spin on how to make an exceptional ambient black metal album.

Curse of Flesh

The whole premise of this album is based on the atmosphere it gives off and the instruments are more for creating that than trying to show off their technical prowess or anything of that sort. The vocals here are just icing on the cake to a pretty much perfect album. Anna Pazyura handles the vocal duties and that just might be the most impressive performance on the record. The shrieks presented here are some of the most well executed you’ll hear on any album in the genre. You can hear the emotion in every single snarl that comes out of her mouth. While they may not vary much, the vocals add to an already melancholic sound.

If you’re a fan of ambient black metal or black metal in general, there’s no reason why Curse of Flesh shouldn’t be in your music library. I can’t find a single thing to complain about to be quite honest. Some people might find it a tad repetitive, but that’s the whole point. I highly recommend listening to this if you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor.