Album Review: War of Thrones – Conflict in Creation


Get ready for a gigantic portion of thick, stinking, faux-heavy metal cheese of epic stature with this outstandingly campy, exciting, and wholly enjoyable album by War of Thrones!

I have a soft-spot for iconic Heavy Metal, and “Conflict in Creation” does everything it needs to to tug on my heartstrings. First, it’s energetic, with genuinelly entertaining songwriting. The opening “Ascending” sets the majestic tone beautifully, giving way to the big, busy guitar work of Rick Renstrom and an ever surging momentum which carries through the entire album. As a whole, the band is very tight, and never burdened by the excessiveness. Songs feature glimmers of prog nuance here and there, but largely feel stripped down, simplified, rocking, and very effective.

Conflict in Creation

Guitars step in and out of the spotlight tastefully, and solo breaks are fantastic, with lightning dexterity and creative playing. They sometimes come with cool time signature changes as well, making them a real highlight of the album.

Of course, Wade Black’s vocals are a big part of this album’s success. He is every metal singer from the 1980s condensed into a perfectly honed, screaming machine — which makes “Conflict in Creation” feel very much like a relic of its days…

Prog-metal snobs will probably not be impressed by the occasional concessions the band makes for accessibility and sing-along-ability, but the enthusiasm and talent demonstrated here more than makes up for its sometimes FM-oriented melodies. “Conflict in Creation” gets high marks from me because its simply so much fun to listen to!

Pay a visit to War of Thrones’ website for more information about the band.