Review: Sons of Morpheus / Samavayo – The Fuzz Charger Split

The Fuzz Charger

Sixteentimes Music are excited to announce The Fuzz Charger Split, a new split LP from the Swiss psych-prog rockers Sons of Morpheus, and Berlin’s own kommune psych/fuzz rock trio Samavayo.

The Fuzz Charger Split a superb release with classic psych blues, jazz, distorted lines and fuzzy grooves with brilliant jam qualities. It has a timeless feel, encompassing many a nod to classic styles and artists such as Hendrix yet still sounding up to date.

Including everything from slowly evolving jams propelled by solid drumming and bass, there’s an excellent interplay between the guitars playing lead lines and solos with great use of feedback and a building tension with a final release. A solid groove from Sons of Morpheus’ bass propelled by drumming, shimmery guitar chords and distorted lead line add a great tension. There’s a brooding quality to their songwriting and performance.

On the flip side, Samavayo offer up three tracks, comprised with warm production and robust drumming including some beautifully wrought ride cymbal action.

On this record both bands shine as they offer up unique takes on psych music that enthrall as much as they entertain. Order vinyl edition of the split here.

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