Album Review: Orator – Kallipolis


The explosion of death metal bands in current times makes it impossible to follow the copious amount of good music being put out by so many great bands globally. That being said, one of the rising stars among this multitude of bands is Orator, from Seattle in the state of Washington, USA. Orator recently released a gem, in their debut album “Kallipolis,” that more than merits just one listen. So much so in fact because it is really, really, so damn good. Staring at the listener right at the outset, is the majestic cover art, which is perfectly in line with the music that the CD has in store within. Lyrically, “Kallipolis” was inspired by the work of ancient Greek philosopher Plato – “The Republic.”

Orator - Kallipolis

Orator has adopted a formula of technical death metal that is hard to dislike, and grows on you with each listen, especially if you like this genre. Their music is a combination of alluring atmospheres, grindy tech riffs with melodic solos, and top-notch brutal vocals. Also thrown into the mix are the occasional blackened riffs, and vocals to match, making the album very interesting and quite difficult to predict. Twirly inter-twining guitars, prominent bass lines, and hammering drums on the tracks transition from steady in-your-face death metal into scenic melodic breaks providing relief, before the dramatic storm comes right back at you.

“Kallipolis” is definitely a voyage through controlled chaos blended with tonnes of “ethereal” melody. I can and will highly recommended it for fans of melodic technical death metal, or even progressive blackened death metal. Fans of bands like Augury, Cattle Decapitation and Nile should definitely listen to this and make a grab for physical merch before it goes out of stock.

Stand out tracks include “Emperor (Disposable Youth),” “Elder (Waltz To Decay),” and a haunting album closer in “Perceiver (The Jaws of Recompense).”

Stream and buy “Kallipolis” here.