EP Review: Godless – Swarm

EP Review: Godless - Swarm

Coming out of Hyderabad, India is a death/thrash metal group Godless. Their sophomore EP Swarm is scheduled for the October 27th release, and it brings give tracks a pernicious deathrash blitzkrieg.

From the very beginning, it’s made really clear that Godless isn’t joking around. Indians set out for their second wave of a miasma of death across the planet, and it’s not often that thrash records come around as potent as this nowadays. I’ve been going out of my way more to find more quality thrash out there, but luck simply hasn’t been on my side. But thankfully when I heard the explosive intro of “Infected by the Black” I knew my luck had changed today. The dials are set to maximum, the intensity is fucking ridiculous, the mastery of the madness is impeccable, and the sheer musicianship of it all is truly delicious as we don’t get it often with death/thrash metal in such potency.

Godless - Swarm

Everything that Godless does here is speckled with elements of death metal to bring a special flavor to the mix as sometimes it’s more up front than others, and that helps Swarm feel much more 3D in its essence as it’s not the same sound for all five tracks. It all comes together so well that it makes Godless sound like they’ve been doing it for decades because of how sweet their material is, and if anything that makes this record even more entertaining in my eyes given the relatively short amount of time these Indians have been throwing it down.

In every single way, Godless impressed with this effort no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Swarm is a glorious testament to the absolutely undeniable power of Indian deathrash metal.

The EP is available for pre-order here.