Interview: Johnny Nymark, FUEL FOR NIGHTMARES

Johnny Nymark

Johnny Nymark is a guitarist of a Swedish death metal band Fuel For Nightmares who so far release a few singles and are ready to drop another one in November, followed by a release of their full-length album titled “Implexion” in early 2019. We chatted with Johnny about his starting up as a guitarist, writing and recording, etc.

How would you describe your initial exposure to music?

Both my parents were listening to a lot of music as I was growing up. I remember that when my mom came home from work she would put on a record to listen to as background music and it could be everything from Queen to Led Zeppelin and it was also the golden age of Mtv.

Were you in the music programs in school while you were growing up?

No but once a week we had music class and from the start I hated it because we had to learn to play the flute and that was horrible. I think the sound from a whole class terrorizing the flute drove our teacher insane and then let us play some real instruments like guitar and drums.

How did you get into playing guitar?

I think I was 8 years old and my parents thought that I should have a hobby after school and sent me to guitar lessons and I went for a few classes and was playing classical music and it was not my cup of tea. It was in 8th grade I first started exploring guitar for myself and I bought some books with guitar tabs of the bands I was listening to.

Did you start to listen to music differently once you discovered guitar?

Absolutely! And I was blown away with this new world. It was so cool and I really starting to listen for details and structures and was trying to mimic different styles.

Who were some of your early guitar influences?

I was a huge Metallica fan and I really liked the way James was playing guitar. So I would have to say James Hetfield.

Tell me about your guitar technique.

There is not much to say really. A lot of down strokes and some organized chaos haha.

What guitars are in your collection? What is your a guitar that you trust the most?

Right now I have a 7 string Explorer model from Pitbull guitars with Lundgren pickups, a Schecter Omen-7 with Lundgren pickups, a Mayones Duvell 7 and a Schecter Omen 6. The Schecter Omen 7 has been my reliable source of noise for the past 5 years now and I still love it!

With the advancement of the technology and amp/effect simulation, do you still use pedals?

No! When I play live and for rehearsals I use a Pod hd 400 and a Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum power amp. Easy to carry and travel with.

In your opinion, what are the three skills that every guitarist must bring to perfection?

Learn how to work with other musicians, be on time and ffs don’t tune your guitar when the rest of the band is ready for sound check! If you master those skills you will be a highly appreciated guitarist.

How did you work on perfecting your rhythm and solo parts?

I don’t do solos but I spent a lot of time in front of a metronome playing all my riffs to get the timing and to be as tight as I can be.

Fuel For Nightmares

Back to music… You have launched a few singles with your band Fuel For Nightmares. Lead me through their creative process.

Usually I write most songs/ideas at home in front of the computer but sometimes I can’t decide what kind of drums we need for the riff and then we´ll create it together in the rehearsal room. Each member of the band are very creative so a lot of the songs changes during rehearsals.

What evolution do you feel these songs represent for you as a composer and guitarist?

I don’t think they represent anything. I just want to get the riffs out of my head and in to a song and move on to the next one haha.

What were the biggest challenges you faced as a guitarist when making the songs?

So far I think The omega thesis has been the biggest challenge for all of us in the band. That’s the only song we wrote from beginning to end in rehearsals and we tried so many different riffs and beats we almost got insane during the process but it was so much fun it was worth it.

How do you go about channeling inspiration into writing?

It is different from time to time. Sometimes riffs just pops up in my head as I am doing the dishes or when I am lying in bed trying to sleep and sometimes I just want to jam with our drummer and it usually leads to new songs during those sessions.

Back to tech talk, tell me about your guitar rig you used for recording the tracks?

I use a Kemper powerhead in the studio for all guitar tracks. Amazing piece of equipment.

What are your five favourite pieces of gear in 2018, and why?

Wow this is a hard question. I am really not a gear guy but if I have to choose I have to say my guitars because they are guitars.

What comes next for Fuel For Nightmares?

We are releasing a new single called “As the Flame Swallows” in November and after that we will enter the studio to record the last songs for our upcoming album Implexion. And of course we will do a few live shows as well.