Review: Rainburn – Insignify


On their second release ever and the debut full-length album, Bangalore progressive rockers Rainburn tackle a concept format. Meaning coming up with an album which tells a story or deals about a certain theme. On “Insignify” the subject matter of the ‘overarching meaningless of life’ is examined. Above all the album contains all the lyrics which makes it even more possible to see how the ideas of Vats Iyengar (vocals, guitars) can be understood more easily. Together with Praveen Kumar (drums), and Ravi Nair (bass, vocals), they managed to come up with the perfect score to this intriguing story. You will enjoy this if you are into progressive rock bands such as IQ, Dream Theater and Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree.


Summing up all of the tracks is not something I am going to do. Hearing the first two singles “Suicide Note” and “Mirrors” are probably already enough to convince interested parties to purchase this album. Both songs give a good impression of the album, especially how varied it is.

“Insignify” is an all-round prog rock album, which belongs to the list of more exciting and better albums of the year. Musically they pull off all the registers in the classic prog area.

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