Review: THIRD & DELAWARE – Generations

Third & Delaware

Third & Delaware is a five-piece from Dallas, TX. The group are quintessentially post-hardcore, and with their debut EP “Generations” checking all the boxes for a dense hardcore record. It’s a potent emission of instinctive energy; a thundercloud of post-punk grit; with efficacious clamour and push-pull dynamics.

“Generations” kicks off with “Heart of Fire” — a frenetic culmination of Richard Xiong’s screams, the siren of the guitar and the hook of a rock-hard chorus.

Third & Delaware - Generations

Without taking in a single breath “Roads in Antartica” swiftly bursts in after “Hear of Fire”; agitated and ridden with riotous tempo shifts. “Solemn Secrets” is one of the EP’s best moments. It’s a disorderly clobber that pummels the ears with fertile riffs and relentless drumming. It ends playfully—with a mischievous melody that melts into the psyched up next track, “Ardor.” “Ardor” is beautifully reckless in its delivery of a racing and neck-breaking composition.

The conclusion to the album, “Innocent by Association” starts with an odd-timed insurrection and builds up to a monumental climax; with a decelerated breakdown hauntingly parting with the screams. The listener is left satisfied with the molten rage they’ve just encountered; yet remains with an inner desire for more — and it isn’t hard to hit repeat and listen to “Generations” from beginning to end all over again.

Third & Delaware haee mastered the art of chaotic composure. While there isn’t anything ground-breaking or adding something new to the post-hardcore sound, it somehow manages to both obey and transgress the genre’s rules. It is five well-mastered tracks with composition that’s a fully-controlled mess. Every hectic moment is delivered with purpose. It bodes well for the band’s future.

Grab “Generations” from Bandcamp here.