Album Review: VANE – Black Vengeance


Polish melodic death metal outfit VANE spawned in Krakow in 2016, unleashing a whirlwind of metal unto the masses. Their upcoming debut album “Black Vengeance,” is a follow up to the last year’s promo release “The Prologue.” “Black Vengeance” is a concept release inspired by, in the band’s own words, the Golden Era of Piracy. Don’t confuse it with the band’s genre though — this album is a pretty much straightforward melodeath.

“Born Again” kickstarts the album with an impressive display of melodeath intertwined with progressive riffs and a blistering solo right at the end to top it all off. The first track certainly sets a high bar right off the bat. The song leads straight into “Edge of the Cutlass” which is a fast heavy-hitter borrowing from their compatriots Decapitated on the heavy side.


“I Am Your Pain” enters the fray with the heavy riffs and drums, crushing and impending, VANE know how to knock some teeth out. The machine-gun like drums echo out past the meaty riff work and demonic vocals. The intense heaviness of “I Am Your Pain” is pure unadulterated brutality, showing off the melodeath element to the group in all its glory. Halfway through “Black Vengeance” we come across “Death’s Season”, an amalgamation of previously mentioned themes and musicality, played to an expert degree. From ecclesiastical harmonisations, to pummelling drums, this one  stands out as a fantastic track.

Through and through VANE prove to the world that they have such a solid grip on their sound, seamlessly melding heavy, prog, and melodeath into one being, with each element taken and masterfully worked into the final sound. “Mutiny”, while not wholly original in its musicality, being much of the same, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not every track has to be top-tier, and that’s just what this one happens to be, a solid track with nothing bad with it, other than the crime of being somewhat uninspired.

VANE have proved in every song that they are master craftsmen of their art, from bellowing crescendos, to creating a sense of impending terror, each track brings something new and wonderful. To conclude, “Black Vengeance” is an incredible showstopper, and a must have for VANE fans, and those looking to bleed genres together.

“Black Vengeance” is out on November 30th; pre-order here.