Album Review: Wroht – Worship Rot


Before it was melodic or technical, or brutal, or infused with hardcore, death metal was filthy. I don’t necessarily mean gory, though that is often a side effect of buzzsaw riffing. No, old school death metal has its own sense of melody, brutality, and speed, and Bay Area’s Wroht understand that perfectly. Their full-length album “Worship Rot” was just launched and somehow it feels like a trip back to the early ‘90s while also sounding surprisingly fresh.

This isn’t Death or Entombed worship; instead, these 12 songs sounds like an offering to all of the old gods of death metal at once. Wroht’s sound maintains just a dash of thrash’s speed and a bit of NWOBHM’s flair, which was a hallmark of death metal in its infancy. Songs like “Slaughter of the Mind” and “Ephemeral Distortion” are carried by brutally heavy recurring riffs, not quite dipping their toes into melodeath, but they highlight how hooky these tunes are. It also helps that every song has one of those “I need to immediately start a mosh pit” moments. This may be an old style, but Wroht sure do it justice.

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Worship Rot