Album Review: Satanic Rights – Blues Druid

Satanic Rights

“En Route” and “Alleged Antichrist,” the first two tracks on Satanic Right’s recent album Blues Druid, suggest the band going straight for the heart with their uncompromising garage/punk rock punch. The nine song release was released in October via Transistor 66 Records, and it’s everything you are hoping for when it comes to the genre in 2018.

“2nd Year Student,” “One Outta the Way” and “Sober Punk” are chock full of panic-stricken dissonance and frenetic fretboard runs. Meanwhile, the half-time drums add to the sense of perturbation, like you actually ARE falling farther and farther.

As the best bands of their subgenre have done, Satanic Rights mastered chaos before transcending it. Though disorder often seems to control those who try to tame it, it’s clearly serving these Canadians, rather than vice-versa.

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Satanic Rights - Blues Druid