EP Review: Diagoras – Enigma


Channelling the likes of early Immolation and with a vocal style from frontman Erik Olans reminiscent of Karl Sanders (Nile), ‘Enigma’, the debut EP from Sweden’s Diagoras is a tour de force of (technical) death metal. From the opening title track alone, Diagoras wastes no time thrusting us into the deep end with a multitude of sounds and tones that keep the listener invested. With “Halls of Torment” continuing this trend of brutality, it isn’t long before “Disengagement Theory” hurls forth a plentiful supply of pleasurable grooves and a surprisingly soulful guitar solo courtesy of Mitchell Colbert.

At first listen, the fourth (and the last) track of the EP, “Agent of Manipulation” runs the risk of ‘sameness’, presenting an impression that you’ve already heard the same blast beats and harsh vocals via the previous three tracks – but the band answer the challenge with adding on more brutality, as well as technically demanding acrobatics. A fitting and uncompromising end to a worthy entry in death metal’s annals.

Diagoras - Enigma